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Apple Town

Abandoned office in Detroit.

Tim Cook recently announced that Apple would be moving production of one of the Macintosh lines to the United States. What Tim did not state was where they would be building the line. I would like to hand out a suggestion. Its time for Apple to take over Detroit. Detroit and its surrounding bergs have become ghost towns. This is the perfect place for manufacturing. Apple could reach into its pockets and literally build its own Town on the cheap. They could pick up a tracts of land for next to nothing, heck Detroit in some areas will pay them to take over.

The Cunsumerization of School IT

School IT staff and Administration face unique challenges when grappling with instructors, students and the mixing of personal and school owned technology. When computers first started making forays into schools you had big iron servers and terminals usually running attendance and reporting systems. Soon personal computers such as the Commodore PET and eventually the massively popular Apple IIe made their ways into the hands of instructional staff and students.

CSEA Employee of the Year

May 24th 2011, I was honered to be the Employee of the Year for Adult and Community Education at Fremont Union High School District.

Drush "Take Command of Drupal"

Presentation on using drush.

Take command of your drupal site with Drush. Drush creates a command line interface to drupal, install download and enable drupal sites and modules in seconds. Walk away from FTP and tedious unpacking of project files. Control your drupal site.

Telemarketers own my phone

Everyone complains "The only phone calls I get are from telemarketers" While this could be an exaggeration I decided to take my phone records and do a little research. Stunningly for my house yes most of the calls are from telemarketers or 78% of the 251 phone calls over the last 3 months or roughly 2.2 calls per day. We get 4 categories of these phone calls. Hangups, Mortgage scams, Bill Collectors for other people, and Product/Service advertising. Mind you my phone is listed on the federal do not call registry and has been since its inception and we opt into nothing.

Drupal Monitoring

Check out the presentation from the Sacramento DrupalCamp

Drupal Monitoring with Nagios from Mike Hathaway on Vimeo.

Presentation given at the Sacramento Drupal Camp. May 2011, US Davis

Know Where The Fire Is Video from SFDUG Presentation May 9th 2011

This is the video from the Know Where The FIre is Presentation at SFDug May 9th 2011.

Know where the fire is

Presentation on using Nagios to monitor Drupal.

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Should I keep or Toss

Drawer full of VHS tapes

I brought home the VHS to DVD box and should have all the VHS and SVHS tapes in the family movie archive digitized by the end of christmas vacation. I am creating 2 DVD's of each tape, ripping the DVD's to media library for AppleTV Access. So should I keep or dump the tapes. Space is at a premium around here and magnetic tape just degrades no matter what you do, is it worth keeping the tapes? ... Oh and to my friends and SJHA alum send money or I post everything on YouTube.

Network DNA is Dead... Long live Network DNA

I talked about it, I wrote about it, I looked into it. I think Network DNA is dead. There are original templates by Don Krause, there is also a site which has not been updated since July 2010 and even then that person just copied stuff up from the original templates by Don Krause whose last post on the Internet I could find about netdna was back in 2006. While 2010 is recent the original author hasn't publicly touched netdna since 2006. I am going to pick up the gauntlet.


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