Apple Town

Abandoned office in Detroit.

Tim Cook recently announced that Apple would be moving production of one of the Macintosh lines to the United States. What Tim did not state was where they would be building the line. I would like to hand out a suggestion. Its time for Apple to take over Detroit. Detroit and its surrounding bergs have become ghost towns. This is the perfect place for manufacturing. Apple could reach into its pockets and literally build its own Town on the cheap. They could pick up a tracts of land for next to nothing, heck Detroit in some areas will pay them to take over. Apple could invest in 3 things.
First the plant, plan big build small. It has already been hinted that the factory would be small, no problem but pick up the land for a huge physical plant.
Second housing. You want employees to work cheap, try the old company town method, build cool apple housing for say a thousand employees and families. You can get the land for less than 1000 bucks per house. Have the design team come up with some form a pre fab house that could be built in a factory and delivered to site for less than $90,000 per unit. Rent them back to the employees for say $100 per month while you work for apple and $1000 per month if you stop working for apple.
Third and final Fiber, run it to the plant run it to the housing. Tim Cook is not steve jobs, I am sure a visit to Google with a nice gift basket could get them to deploy the fiber for this mini Apple Town.

By doing this Apple literally could build its own town. By setting the anchor stores and other services would be jumping at the change to return and serve the people there. And over time I believe Apple would move more and more manufacturing back to the US. Chinese wages are going up, shipping costs are going up and with the current debt load of the US at some point we will probably start taxing imported goods more and more.

Mike Hathaway

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