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There's your problem, you installed Adobe software at some point

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I have a love hate relationship with my 13 inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro… Mostly hate. The computer basically can not shut down on its own, even when you give up and force quit the remaining apps. The machine freezes or stops doing anything after clicking on any button in any program on a regular basis. For the longest time I though Atom was just poorly written because it never worked right.

I also have been running low on hard disk space, so I started removing things I no longer used, one of those things was Adobe Lightroom. Taking up a space and begging me to switch to a monthly subscription I had decided to uninstall it and use Photos for quick photo work on my laptop, reserving my personal Mac Pro at home for Lightroom, formal editing etc… Once you start uninstalling Adobe Products it just gets easier to wipe everything. I had CS6 installed with my work license, Acrobat and of course AIR the virus that seems to install itself even when the computer. after running all the uninstallers I could find I rebooted the machine which is only possible by holding the power button down till the laptop powers off. Once rebooted I deleted anything left in the Applications and Utitlities folder with the word Adobe. Then I went for my Library Folder I found stuff in LaunchAgents in my user Library folder and a bunch of Adobe items in the /Library/LaunchDaemons & /Library/LaunchAgents in the root library folder. I deleted everything marked Adobe which of course was left behind after I ran the uninstallers and using the delete preferences option. Then I again was unable to shut down my computer and I forced it to power off. When I powered the machine on it seamed snapier. Then I tried restarting it, bam instant reboot. After a couple weeks of use it appears all my computers ills where Adobe programs running stuff in the background even when I was not running Adobe programs.

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