You have moved into a new house, are starting a major renovation or are starting a home boild from scratch. What shoul you do for a network.

One of the most common questions on the Reddit r/homenetwork forum is I am moving into, building or renovatinga place what should I do for the network. The question gets a lot of great answers, but reddit does not provide a good forum for a how to build a network guide. This article is meant to be a starting point for buildeing a network. We will go through some basics of a network without writing a book.

So lets get started

Assumptions: We are assuming you want to do more for your home network than turn on the Wifi feature of your ISP’s provided router.


So Why swtich to Jekyll?

My intent was always to publish on github pages. Ghost was a way to get a GUI instead of writing everything in markdown. I was avoiding coding the site by hand. Being forced into running the site on a database just does not fill my vision for my own blog. I developed Drupal sites for years if I was going to run a server with a database I would have deployed Drupal or Backdrop. Its not just about wanting cheap hosting at github I have no problem paying a provider a few bucks a months to host me. Its about complexity and ability to easily do move pages/documents to other platforms or archives. Switching to a system written in markdown provides that ability.

Markdown is the key reason for switching to a Jekyll based publishing platform. While there are a number of flavors of markdown and any page written in one flavor may have issues in another that negative greatly outweighs having all the pages locked into a database. in what often can be many many different tables or a system that makes exporting the actual pages dificult if not impossible.

So now as of reading this post, I have migrated everything to mark down. I’m all set to easily move to something else.