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Configuring Duplicati as a Service on OS X 10.13

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Duplicati as a Mac Service

I am not the only CrashPlan cast off looking for another backup service. After a lot of looking around I settled on Duplicati. https://duplicati.com

For Mac OS X Duplicati is a simple install but you will find permissions errors when venturing outside of your user folder. The fix is to run Duplicati as a service so it launches as a Deamon on boot. To accomplish this you need to install Duplicati, Mono and a couple Plists.

There's your problem, you installed Adobe software at some point

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I have a love hate relationship with my 13 inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro… Mostly hate. The computer basically can not shut down on its own, even when you give up and force quit the remaining apps. The machine freezes or stops doing anything after clicking on any button in any program on a regular basis. For the longest time I though Atom was just poorly written because it never worked right.