My Travel First Aid Kit

Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I was actually a First Aid and Advanced First Aid instructor. After teaching all those courses, one item we never gave people a first aid kit list. This list is based on the Johns Hopkins Traveler’s First-Aid Kit and some additions that I have used or purchased while on trips. You can fit all these items in a large zip-lock bag.

I have added a section at the bottom Specific for Travel/Car/Scouting. This section contain items that I disagree with the Johns Hopkins list as far as what I would have in my luggage on an airplane trip yet I would absolutely not go on a road trip or backpacking without.

On this list, I also have a CPR face shield and Mask. The face shield is a small plastic sheet with a filter that allows you a barrier when performing mouth-to-mouth. The Mask is a full mask with a filter kit for performing mouth-to-mouth and is much too bulky and unnecessary for air travel. Both require CPR training that everyone should get. I also have Narcan, this again requires some training (or being on the phone with 911 for instructions on how to use it) Narcan can be anywhere from 100 bucks to 15 bucks with a prescription. Everyone should have this at their disposal but it can be a lot of money for something that goes bad after a few years if not used. The good news is more public spaces are making Narcan and AED’s available.


  • [ ]Dramamine

  • [ ]Pain Reliever (I carry Aleve and Advil or Naproxin and Ibuprofen)

  • [ ]Pseudoephedrine (cruises bring you in contact with plants you never knew you were allergic to)

  • [ ]Pepto Bismol Chews (The jellybean form of Pepto, is completely brilliant).

  • [ ] AlcaSeltzer (or other antacid)

  • [ ] Imodium (or other anti-diarrhea)

  • [ ] Cough and cold medicines

I keep pills in a little aluminum screw-top container to save space.

External First Aid

  • [ ]Triple antibiotic ointment

  • [ ]Hydrocortisone Cream

  • [ ]Band-Aids

  • [ ] Gauze pads 2-inch and 4-inch

  • [ ] Elastic wraps to wrap wrist, ankle, knee, and elbow injuries (ACE Bandage)

  • [ ] Butterfly Bandages

  • [ ]Sterile gauze pads

  • [ ]Alcohol prep pads

  • [ ]Tweezers (This is a must, not having them can ruin an entire day.)

  • [ ]Disposable exam gloves


  • [ ] Bug Bite Thing

  • [ ] CPR Face Shield

  • [ ] Thermometer (electric no old school glass, even in a carry case)

  • [ ] Hand Sanitizer or Antibacterial hand wipe

  • [ ] Calamine lotion

  • [ ] Sunscreen

  • [ ] Aloe gel for sunburns

  • [ ] Insect Repellent

Specific Travel / Car Kit / Scouting
These are items I would not pack in luggage for a trip, but would pack in a car first aid kit for when you are a distance from civilization.

  • [ ] Triangular bandage to wrap injuries and make an arm sling

  • [ ] Safety pins to fasten splints and bandages

  • [ ] Gauze in rolls

  • [ ] CPR Pocket Mask

  • [ ] Narcan (Naloxone) Everyone should have cheap access to this, it is cheaper if you have insurance so research your options.

  • [ ]Adhesive tape to keep gauze in place

  • [ ]Scissors with rounded tips to cut tape, gauze, or clothes, if necessary (Note that this may not be allowed in your carry-on bag if traveling by air.)

  • [ ]Hydrogen Peroxide (get a dark travel spray bottle)

  • [ ]Cold Pack

  • [ ]Epinephrine auto-injector (for individuals with severe allergies)

  • [ ]Latex condoms

  • [ ]Tampons (double as gauze pads)

  • [ ]Toilet Paper (always have a roll, in a zip lock bag in your car)

  • [ ]Water purification tablets