About Mike Hathaway

Mike Hathaway provides a unique view and take on technology. He strives to connect customers with the right data in as simple a format as possible. Mike has been automating and connecting clients with strategic data for over a decade. Starting out overseeing technology installation and integration in the Home Construction field, Mike has worked with everything from modems to T-1 and Satellite deployment.

Working with information gatherers, creators, stakeholders and managers with as few steps as possible, developing web data infrastructure originally with Access, SQL servers and Microsoft active server pages Mike researched and created a technical support infrastructure for Shea Homes, and a web based construction site status system.

Moving forward, connecting people with technology, Mike has written curriculum and presentations to quickly connect staff with new systems and processes.

"While hands on training is always an effective way to connect staff with new systems, designing intuitive layouts and views that naturally connect staff with what they need is always the goal."

Working in the education field, Mike worked with administrators, program leads and instructional staff to deploy automated student evaluation and testing systems allowing a school to serve large numbers of students while reducing staff and staff hours required to reach federal and state guidelines and goals.

Moving forward with modern ideas and systems, Mike now specializes in process evaluation and automation using Drupal as a web-based rapid application development platform. Mike worked with several programs to connect schools, counselors, registrars and program leads who serve at-risk high school students through a custom built student and course management system.

"We where faced with separate groups of people using different systems. High schools storing data in one system and an Adult Ed serving those students using a completely different solution. We came up with a web system that connected all information stakeholders removing piles of often lost and misplaced forms running between many campuses."

An avid photographer Mike can often be found on the many trails in California's state and federal parks with his wife Amy and golden retriever Riley.

With a unique view of people, data and systems, how can Mike assist your staff and customers with the vital information they need?