Cupertino Sunnyvale Adult Ed

Facing budget cuts and declining revenue the school needed to move from a webmaster controlled site to one where staff could easily enter, edit and change information. More than a simple CMS the website needs to serve different departments with different needs. Documents need to be uploaded and removed on a timely basis. Staff also need to change forms to match an unending number of state and federal regulatory changes with little to no advanced notice. The site also needed to act as an online registration system collected data and payment information from students and exporting properly formatted excel documents for upload into the schools FileMaker student management system. Drupal was deployed to serve all these needs, with the many modules available the site can have new features added at a moments notice, and staff now push the site to serve the needs of their students without limitations.

Heritage Commons HOA

A fairly simple project. The Home Owners Association needed a way to communicate with home owners with as little effort as possible. While commercial management solutions where available they where geared towards larger organizations. The final solution was a simple 4 section website which allowed a small group of people to upload documents, schedule meetings, send out newsletters and update meeting minutes by simply going to the site and filling out a form. A quick demo was all that was required to get everyone going, with most members figuring out the features on there own during an open beta period. To allow for privacy residents setup accounts which are then approved allowing access and subscription to the mail list.

Adult Secondary Education (Fremont Union High School District)

An internal web application developed to serve multiple departments within a large school district. The Adult Secondary Education website is a student registration and tracking system. Administrators create classes, Counselors register students into the system and add them to classes. Instructors get class rosters and enter student grades, while school site data techs pull proper information for updating student transcripts. Basically this site is a self contained school for operating within a school. All the while this site integrates with an existing Active Directory system allowing single sign on for all users. This application is a shining example of paper replacement. A number of internal paper forms where taken from the school to create the data gathering pieces and meetings with primary stakeholders determined formatting and reports to serve each group that needed to add, monitor or generate reports on the data. An example of good data design, most staff use the site with little or no hands on training.